Dr Kamran Munir

BSc, MSc, PhD - Computer Science

Associate Professor in Data Science
Computer Science and Creative Technologies Department,
University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom.

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Research Projects

Innovate UK - IoT-enabled Platform for Predictive Maintenance

Data available from rail network assets and users are sources of insight to address challenges experienced by passengers and station operators. This project aims to develop an IoT-enabled Platform for Predictive Maintenance.

EU NeuGRID for you (N4U) Project: aimed to deliver the "Google for brain imaging". 

Development of a large-scale integrated data management solution called Data Atlas / Analysis Base. Neuroscientists worldwide are offered a virtual laboratory to analyze image databases on persons with neurodegenerative diseases.

EU neuGRID Project: Establishment of an e-Infrastructure capable of holding large amounts of data sets 

Processing of large datasets metadata and semantics to enable automatic database query formulation. Architectural design and deployment of Provenance-enabled database storage solution, which also enabled tracking the original source of data and results.

EU - The Health-e-Child Project 
An integrated platform for
European paediatrics

The Health-e-Child project aimed to develop an integrated platform for European paediatrics, enabling data integration between spatially distributed clinicians and bringing together information produced in different departments or multiple hospitals.

Establishment of Data Sharing and Processing Compute Farm - namely the CERN CMS Production Centre

Deployment and testing of user interfaces, computing and large data-sets storage facilities capable of handling/processing the events generated by CMS Detector (CMS Detector for detecting sub atomic particles) placed at CERN.

CERN DIMONDS Project - Database Independent Migration of Objects into an Object Relational Database

The cern DIAMONDS project was a contribution to CERN (the European Center for Nuclear Research) WISDOM (Wide-area, database Independent Serialization of Distributed Objects for data Migration) project to overcome limited data migration facilities. 

Continuing Professional Development Courses / Trainings 


Big Data 

A key first step into the world of Big Data is to understand what it is, why it is different and how it is best managed.
Learn Big Data concepts and applications, SQL vs NO SQL. Also gain hands-on experience with big data tools such as Hadoop, No SQL, Hive, etc. 


Data Science 

Starting from the need of data, information and knowledge; and then mastering database concepts, design and development. Learn the complete Data Science overview or directly go into selected data/database design, development, operations, analysis and/or deployment from theory to practice.


Cloud Computing 

Understand cloud computing and its various utilisation models for remote provision of scalable and measured resources. Learn how Cloud computing can have a broad-ranging effects across your IT, Information, Business, Softwares, and Data Storage. Customised for individuals and organisations.


Generic IT / Computing Skills

Information Techonology 
Office / Information Maangment 
Database Systems / 
Cloud Computing / Virtualization
Wed Development 
Requirements Engineering


Database System Development 

Data Sceicne
(Customised as per individuals and organisational need)

Database Design 
Database Development 
Data Quality 


Computer Programming 

Computer Programing Concepts
Programing for Data Managemnt / Improved Data Quality

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