Kamran Munir


University of the West of England
Free CSS TemplatePhD in Computer Science - Large Scale Data Management and Knowledge Engineering

C/R EU Research Project(s): Free TemplateneuGRID4you 2011-14, neuGRID 2008-11, Health-e-Child 2006-10

CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research
Free WebsiteAssociate Member (CERN/CMS). Data Managment, Distributed Query Processing, Data Migration.

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Free Website School of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science (SEECS), Department of Computing.

Oracle 8/8i Certified - Since 2003
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Specialisation: Data Architect and Large-scale Data Management

CURRENT PROJECT: NeuGRID for you (2011-2014)http://neugrid4you.eu/

Web TemplateN4U aimed to deliver the "Google for brain imaging". In N4U, neuroscientists worldwide are offered a fully functional virtual laboratory where to analyze the world's largest image databases on persons with neurodegenerative diseases, algorithm tools to extract diagnostic and progression tracking markers.


RECENT PROJECT: neuGrid (2008-2011) www.neugrid.eu

nilThe Project aimd to establish a new user-friendly Grid-based research e-Infrastructure enabling the European neuroscience community to carry out research required for the pressing study of degenerative brain diseases. My role was the provision of Provenance Data Storage (for Scientific workflows) and Distributed Querying Service. For more details visit: www.neugrid.eu


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The Health-e-Child project aimed to develop an integrated platform for European paediatrics, enabling data integration between spatially distributed clinicians and bringing together information produced in different departments or multiple hospitals. www. health-e-child.org.

CERN - CMS PRODUCTION (2003 - 2005)

Free TemplateCMS production group at CERN, with the help of its collaborators called 'Regional Centers (RC)', located in various countries all over the world, is responsible for running the production at the request of physicists. RCs act as collaborator for 'Productions Centres (PC)', working with them.

The deployment of CMS Production at NUST was concerned to the implemention of a Data Gird Node (Collection of Computers to work as a single entity to get the power of multiple computers/processors), capable of handling/processing the events generated by CMS Detector (CMS Detector for detecting sub atomic particles) placed at Center for European Nuclear Research (CERN). For details click here.

DIMONDS (2000 - 2002) - Database Independent Migration of Objects into an Object Relational Database

Free TemplateThe DIMONDS project (i.e. "Database Independent Migration of Objects into an Object Relational Database") was a contribution to CERN (the European Center for Nuclear Research) WISDOM project. This research work reports on the CERN-based WISDOM project which is studying the serialisation and deserialisation of data to/from an object database (objectivity) and Oracle.